Ain’t no party like a “Port n’ Party!”

by Hungry Girls Do It Better.

Original post: hungrygirlsdoitbetter.com/blog-1/2018/6/12/aint-no-party-like-a-port-n-party 


And just like clockwork…BOOM. The summer heat immediately put our thirst levels into high gear (which is saying a lot bc it’s already v high) and if you know us at all you know that we would like to consider ourselves some pretty skilled bartenders when entertaining all our best guys and gals. But how were we gonna stand out and not be like every other basic b out there with their damn rosé all day campaign? We needed something different yet delicious so when Croft Pink, the first rosé Port wine approached us, we knew we were onto something here.


The world was our oyster with this cocktail level of inspiration in our hands. Of course, we had to go the fun, fruity, and fresh route. We’re Florida girls so without a doubt we had to bring in some tangy Florida oranges + some delicious strawberries and berry-flavored sparkling water to play off the richness of the Port wine. Did we just hit the flavor jackpot with this medley of mixes? LE DUH…but being us, we had to be extra here and throw in a popsicle bc it’s all about *AESTHETIC,* people. (Slash popsicle cocktails have a 90% success rate of being Instagrammed soooo how could we not?)


So when we say there ain’t no party like a “Port’n Party” we really mean it. Our friends were gushing over this cocktail combination and we feel pretty comfortable saying this will be our official drink of Summer 2k18. We’ll cheers to that!


Here are the ingredients listed below (you really can’t go wrong!):

  • Croft pink (MVP ingredient)
  • Strawberries
  • Orange Zest
  • Berry-Flavored Sparkling Water
  • Strawberry Popsicles


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